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Yoga on the Sea

A unique adventure in yoga, we leave the dock and anchor in a serene setting

where we practice an hour of yoga, touched by the ambiance of the ocean’s ripples, soft breezes and beautiful reflections.

As the sun sets, the cloak of dusk wraps its gentle arms around us and our practice ends

At this time, we celebrate life with refreshments before our short cruise back to the dock.

Mat Classes

Traditional Hatha Yoga - Slow, therapeutic practice based on breath and holding postures

Relax, Release & Restore - A wonderfully relaxing class to fully open and lengthen your whole body Combination Restorative and Yin Yoga

Gentle Flow - Taught on levels. You move consistently with your breath taking your posturing to the level that feels comfortable and safe

Aerial Yoga

Using a soft fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling, you'll explore new and traditional yogic postures with your weight partially or fully support by the hammock. This allows you to expand flexibility, increase strength, lengthen your spine and relax your nervous system

Private Instruction - Your personal class is designed to meet your physical, emotional and personal health goals

Other Healing Modalities

Ion Cleanses - One of the most effective detoxification systems available. This foot bath detox system draws toxins from the body using charged ions. Great way to boost your immune system.

Fee Schedule

$75 per person Yoga out on the ocean aboard the Sprit

$17 single matt class in studio

$20 single aerial class

$75 private class

$150 ten studio classes (6 month expiration)

Ion Cleanses $45 per cleanse or a package of 3 cleanses for $135

Special event pricing based on event